[100% Off] Python & Django Framework Course: The Complete Guide

Python & Django Framework Course: The Complete Guide Udemy.com course will help you get started with Python 3 & Django 3 framework and build dynamic web applications from scratch.

Don’t worry about pre-requirements!  Because all you need is a PC/laptop, basic HTML & CSS, and decent internet connectivity. Nothing else.

Python & Django Framework Course The Complete Guide
Python & Django Framework Course The Complete Guide 100% Off Coupon

The Course Will Cover Following Topics

The following topics will be fully discussed in the course. Everything will be demonstrated in an easy-to-follow way. Even if you don’t have any programming knowledge, you will understand everything.

  • You will learn complete Python 3
  • You will learn Django 3
  • Data Types in Python
  • Work with Loops in Python
  • The data structure in Python
  • Fundamentals on Python
  • Conditional Operations in Python
  • Create a Python Function
  • OOP’s Programming (Object Oriented Programming) in Python
  • Create a custom App in Django
  • Create Models in Django
  • Migrations in Django
  • Assign Objects Data
  • Work with Templates in Django
  • Assign styles in Django
  • Setup project for Django
  • Learn Application Development Process
  • Create Views and Manage Views in Django
  • Employee Management Project
  • Work with URL’s and Path’s in Django
  • Output data to HTML templates

This Course is Designed for 3 Groups

  1. Anyone Who wants to learn Python 3
  2. Anyone who wants to learn Django 3
  3. Anyone Who wants to learn Web Development

In this “Complete Guide: Python & Django Framework” course, you will learn Python v3 the latest Python version. You will also learn Django 3 Framework, the Latest full-stack web development framework.

In the Python section, you will learn everything from Basics to most important and fundamentals of Python Programming with practical examples.

In the Django 3 Framework section, you will learn both the fundamentals and also essentials on the Django Framework. In the complete course, you will learn to build and develop your own live Employee Management App with Python Django Framework

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